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About half the cast has, at this point, engaged in some kind of casual hate speech , but there are two major culprits. The first, Aaryn Gries—yes, her name really is an anagram for “Aryan”—is a blond-haired, blue-eyed, Texas-born carapace of pure vileness. Aaryn insists she is a “good” person. She has also put on an “Asian voice” to joke about getting her nails done; said that Helen, the only Asian-American on the cast, should “go make some rice”; and remarked that one should be careful in the dark around Candice, the only African-American woman on the cast, “because you might not see the bitch." She has also taken issue with pediatric speech therapist Candice’s pronunciation of the word “asked.” GinaMarie Zimmerman, a loud Staten Islander who is Aaryn’s blunt, uncouth attack dog, has said that Helen “should be kissing our ass and serving us some fucking rice”; declared that Candice “gets that fucking blackness”; and in one of the more surreal clips referred to welfare as “[N-word] insurance” by whispering the word into the ears of the two men she was speaking with, apparently aware that she shouldn’t be saying it but unwilling to stop herself.

A Puerto Rican commentator on the Wall Street Journal article pointed out that Puerto Ricans without cash were in difficult straits because the failure of the electric grid due to hurricane Maria made it impossible to use credit or debit cards.

Various - Big Brother's HitsVarious - Big Brother's HitsVarious - Big Brother's HitsVarious - Big Brother's Hits